Gallery Sessions



Gallery Sessions is a new format we developed along with Folch Studio & Record-Play.
Live Music Sessions, recorded in different window displays around the world.


The intimacy of three walls and the voice of amazing artists clash with the urban landscape that holds it.

The Gallery sessions were premiered with “El Encuentro”, the new collaboration of Amaia and Alizzz.

The renowned producer behind hits with C. Tangana, Becky G or Paloma Mami, makes his debut as a solo artist with this beautiful Amaia collaboration, in a song about a reunion after a last contact, in a night of dancing and fun.


After the single realease hey meet for the first time live to perform what promises to be the success of the rest of the year. Both are connected in an intimate session between their voices and the guitar, everything in a showcase facing the street.

Other artists who have performed at Gallery Sessions are Paula Cendejas, Rojuu, Morad, Rigoberta Bandini, ARON, Mala Rodríguez, Albany, Sen Senra, Nickzzy & The Poing, Gabriela Richardson, Maria Escarmiento, Cutemobb and many more yet to come, stay tuned to Gallery Sessions on Instagram to discover more.



White Horse & Folch Studio


Pol González Novell

Camera Operators

Juju Lutti & Bernat Mestres


AngelSound Studio

Music Supervision



Natalia Triviño, Tamara Raimondi, Ferran Bassaganyes

Lighting Technology


Hair & Make Up

Jess Aguirre


Helena Contreras


Pol González Novell & Pablo Carpal

Event Photography

Raul Ruz & Aina Diago