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Defining, developing and distributing quality editorial content for Digital Future Society to strengthen and amplify the institution’s reach, audience and influence.

We produced and directed ‘Insights’ videos –a series of in-depth interviews with global experts about how technology and society can evolve together in a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable way.

The interviews are set in a dynamic environment to create a sense of movement and a state of fluidity. Besides transport, we filmed in a diverse range of locations and public spaces in Barcelona and Madrid. For each interview we wrote the scripts, which are conducted in English, accompanied by a text version which is transcribed and edited in Spanish and English.

So far we have featured well-known, important and knowledgeable people from the world of tech and innovation such as Grace Mutung’u (Associate at Kenya ICT Action Network), Steve Cadigan (Talent Hacker, Advisor and former VP Talent at LinkedIn), Mary Gray (Researcher at Microsoft Research) and Aura Cifuentes (Leader of Colombia’s Public Innovation Team) among others.



Pol González Novell, Juju Lutti


Bernat Mestres, Pol Renom


Blai Barba

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Bis Turnor, Ivan Olmos, Pablo David Lopez

Executive Producers

Pol González Novell, Rafa Martínez


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