Bershka On Stage is a global production, consisting of a series of six concerts with emerging artists in Bershka’s flagship stores across Europe. Our aim is to take the brand beyond the world of fashion and into the field of music.

For the stage we created a language by playing with colour and light. The stage was designed to be a kind of art installation, an abstract cube placed temporarily in each location.

Communications started 15 days before each concert, so working backwards, we needed a large, dynamic team to create a huge variety of content to announce and introduce each artist on social media. 

Ahead of the live event, we produced and directed a backstage shooting for each episode. 

The shooting involved an intimate interview with the artist ahead of their show, using a mixture of Super 8 and digital footage. 

The idea was to create an On Stage – Off Stage dialogue, giving an insight into each emerging artist ahead of their show.

Backstage we had a broad team composed of graphic designers, motion designers, art director, director of photography, cinema director, photographer, artists and a production crew, working on everything from the shootings to the live event in tandem with the Bershka communication department and Dazed.

The live performances were edited into a ‘recap’ video along with various assets to be hosted on the website and communicated across social media. Each performance was also made available for live streaming via the OnStage by Bershka website.

The first event took place on London’s most famous commercial area, Oxford Street. The second took place in Barcelona’s iconic club, Razzmatazz. For the third, we took the team to Berlin. The fourth event happened in Milan. For the fifth concert, the event took place in the distinguished Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Each event was attended by an extensive list of social media influencers and Bershka VIPs.

This global series of events, simultaneously physical and digital, takes the brand into a new realm by associating it with the global music scene and transmitting a fresh new attitude.



White Horse

Art Direction & Design & Motion

Folch Studio


Aitor Bigas


Pol González Novell


Tamara Raimondi, Nadia Kseiri, Micaela Arana


Teddy Iborra, Carlos Moreno, Aina Diago

Make Up

Ana Sanchez




CC Audionetwork


Castel Veciana

Event Locations

London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Brussels & Milan