Avocado Rise



Avocado Rise is a non-profit collaborative documentary reporting on the growing environmental problems in the Sierra de Bahoruco.


Sierra de Bahoruco, located in the Dominican Republic and classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is under attack as a result of rising global avocado demand.
Illegal charcoal production and agriculture have been added to the list of enemies of one of the most biodiverse forests in the world.
Avocado Rise aims to shed light on an issue that consumers not only play a part in but can help put an end to.


The documentary was directed by Bernat Mestres and features biologist Yolanda León, research professor of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and specialist in coastal marine environments.

We started the pre-production of the documentary in September 2019. After several months of research and meetings we were able to define the style of the documentary and together with the director we began to search for the interviewees.
To facilitate on-site production and given we did not know the destination country, we had the help of a local Fixer who helped us move within the Dominican Republic and within the Sierra. 



The documentary was released on June 2020 and has been selected in several film festivals such as Docs MX and WCFF.



Director & Editor

Bernat Mestres

Executive Producers

Mario Dávalos, Rafa Martínez, Albert Folch, Pol González Novell, Alberto Espinós, Guiller Bargu

Production Manager

Tamara Raimondi

Production Assistant

Natalia Triviño

Sound Post-Production

AngelSound Studio